How to Download Call List -SMS List Any Mobile For  Life Time l যে কারো call list দেখুন

Desclaimer in this video I am not hacking/stealing/damaging anyone's property this video is strictly for education purpose.hacking someone's account or password without taking legal permission is a crime and I do not support such activities 

Phone Observer is specifically developed for phone monitoring and providing extra security to your phone. It Observes the Call log and report the information through SMS cell number specified in the application. It can be used in different scenarios: Monitoring your own phone, Installing to couple phone by mutual agreement to remove doubts, Installing to husband/wife phone to remove doubts and an organization can install it to organization’s phones provided to employees to stop miss use of the phone.
As well it will also work as SMS Forwarder and Forwards received SMSs to the cell Number you specified in the application.

• Self Phone: Phone Observer can be used for self phone observation in different situations i.e when you have two phones and you forget the phone, in which the app is installed, at home or office then the app will report you according your setting the incoming calls information, the outgoing calls information and will forward received SMSs. So it provides your phone extra security and also free your mind about the phone you forget as it provides information you need.

• Organization/Company Phones: An Organization/Company can use it for monitoring Organization’s/Company’s phones provided to employees. It will monitor employee’s phone incoming calls and outgoing calls information to the management through SMS to block miss use of Organization’s/Company’s phones.

• Couples, Husband/Wife or Close Friends can install it by mutual agreement to each other phones for observing and reporting incoming calls, outgoing calls and received SMS to the cell number fixed in application to remove mutual doubts and mis-understanding and spent a doubts free and happy life.